Buddy Sullivan - Coastal Georgia Historian/Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant
BUDDY SULLIVAN is the author of 18 books on coastal Georgia history, specializing in antebellum agriculture and the maritime heritage of the tidewater. He frequently lectures on request on these and other topics including Spanish settlement on the Guale coast, Oglethorpe and the founding of Savannah, Scottish settlement in Georgia, the 19th century timber and shipping industry and the commercial shrimp and oyster fishery. His thematic approach focuses on the ecological and environmental influences of the coast and how three centuries of peoples have adapted their lives and livelihoods to these prevailing conditions locally.

NEW BOOK--Buddy Sullivan's new book "A Georgia Tidewater Companion: Essays, Papers, and Some Personal Reflections on 30 Years of Research in Coastal Georgia History" is now available from Amazon.com for $24.95 per copy. The 500-page illustrated softcover book is an extension of the author's earlier works on coastal history. An Introduction discusses his coastal  Georgia roots and legacy, family history, and research methodology.  Following the Introduction are 19 essays and "short studies" by Buddy Sullivan focusing on his research interests, including rice cultivation, plantation and slave management, coastal maritime history, Darien, Sapelo Island, Liberty and Bryan counties, and other topics. 

LECTURES and CONSULTATIONS--Buddy Sullivan is available for lectures and slide talks on a variety of specialized coastal Georgia historical topics for your group or organization for reasonable speaking fees and travel costs. He provides a special slide lecture on an overview of Georgia state history, in addition to his popular "Ecology as History: Life, Labor and Landscape on the Georgia Coast." He also provides consultative services related to community history, special projects and events. For information and specifics on lecture booking or questions about coastal history, please contact Buddy by email at bsullivan@coastalnow.net
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