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Summer-Fall Update 2015
New Sapelo Island History Book
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2016 Publications Update

2016 is going to be an exciting year for me, and a very active year as well.
For many of you who have been inquiring about the status of my upcoming books here's the latest:
Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Islandis at the publisher, the University of Georgia Press in Athens. The manuscript is in the editing process, maps and archival images have been processed and picture captions have been written. Ben Galland's amazing color photographs have been processed and preliminary work on layout has begun.

Summer-Fall Update 2015

My newest book,A Georgia Tidewater Companion,has just come out and is now available online from Amazon and from book sellers in coastal Georgia. It is getting nice reviews and I have done several power point lectures about the book, focusing on my coastal Georgia family legacies and my historical research disciplines, based on a long-standing thematic approach of "ecology as history" on the tidewater.
Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island--The manuscript has been completed, gone through academic peer review and has been approved for publication by the editorial board of the University of Georgia Press with a release date in mid-2016.



As some of you may know, I have been working on two projects simultaneously the last two years. One, under contract with the University of Georgia Press, is a new history of Sapelo Island featuring new material and updated research and highlighted by the exciting and beautiful color photographs of St. Simons photographer Ben Galland. Ben did the images for Jingle Davis's recent book "Island Time" about St. Simons and he is doing a similar photo shoot for the new Sapelo book.

New Sapelo Island History Book

Update on ongoing projects--
My new book, in preparation, on the history of Sapelo Island to be published by the University of Georgia Press in 2015, is proceeding ahead of schedule. Work is ongoing with new research, and new revelations. I am learning more about the island's history as I research and write the chapters of this book. There is a Table of Contents for the book as a separate link on this website for those interested in learning more about the format of the volume.
Highlights of the book will be the inclusion of a series of incredible full color photographs b y the eminent coastal Georgia photographer Ben Galland of St.

Summer and Fall 2013 Update

Considering the summer is usually a slow time professionally for me, it has actually been a very active last few months. I had a wonderful experience teaching six weeks of coastal Georgia history classes in July and August for the Learning Center in Savannah, focusing on Savannah history. A nice turnout of enthusiastic participants, all Savannah area residents, who kept me on my toes with their very
good questions and insightful contributions and observations. Some of the group participated in the three-day winter field trip and tour I led for the Learning Center to Jekyll and St.

Remembering the Burning of Darien

June 11th of this year is the 150th anniversary of perhaps the most horrific event in the 275-year history of Darien, Georgia, for it was on that date in 1863 that Union army forces looted, vandalized, then finally burned to the ground most of the completely undefended, and mostly uninhabited, town in one of the most controversial incidents of the Civil War.
     There will be appropriate commemorative events is recognition of the event during May and June, culminating on Saturday, June 15th in Darien with re-enactments, tours and exhibits for the public.

Updating ongoing projects

Retirement recently from my full-time work at Sapelo Island finally has enabled me to return to my long-neglected webpage to update some ongoing activities.
I am gratified by the fairly sizeable number of historical inquiries that have come to me through this website. I get regular queries on historical and research subjects and I answer all of them personally with as much information as I can impart. So feel free to contact me through the site any time!
Several people have inquired about the progress of my latest book, which is a collection of "short studies", essays, papers and such, with new insights on familiar topics as well as closer looks and deeper investigations into subjects covered in my previous books.

Working on a new book

The phrase I most often hear in casual conversation with friends and new acquaintances who are familiar with my work invariably is, "What are you working on now?"
Goes on all the time. If I am "working on" something I usually tell folks the basics about what it is. More often than not, however, I am actually not "working on" anything. I have learned from experience that the vast majority of non-fiction researchers/writers, like myself, are not continually writing books and that there are often long gaps between publications.

Fall News and Notes

Hello all. Several things to apprise you of today.
First I want to thank all of you who thus far have taken the time to look over my new website. The numbers of those viewing the site do add up and when the numbers get high enough they tell me the website will start showing up in Google searches of my name, so many thanks! Also, some of you have offered some very useful suggestions and ways to enhance the site. I have incorporated some of these as you will see in the addition of several pages to the site.

Up and running...

I am very pleased that you have visited my new web page. This is an entirely new venture for me, sort of like getting professional business cards printed for myself for the first time--which occurrence took place far more years ago than I care to remember.
Please feel free to post your comments and opinions about anything, but especially if you have questions or comments about Georgia coastal history you would like to address. Perhaps I can help you!
If you would like to contact me directly you may email me at
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