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Buddy Sullivan - Coastal Georgia Historian/Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant
Books by Buddy Sullivan
SAPELO: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island (in preparation
     with release by the University of Georgia Press, in early 2017. A new
     and detailed history in coffee-table format with many color photos. See
     the link on this website for Table of Contents. Maps and archival
     images blended with color photos by Ben Galland.
A Georgia Tidewater Companion: Essays, Papers and Some Personal
     Observations on 30 Years of Historical Research (Published in 2015, 
     available at a discount on Amazon.com). Contains the author's family
     history in coastal Georgia and Charleston, his research methodology in
     writing about the history of the region, and papers and essays on a
     range of subjects relating to the history of the region. Maps and  
     illustrations, 528 pages, softcover.
Georgia: A State History, 1733-2000 (208 pages, 2003, Arcadia Pub-
     lishing). Documented overview of Georgia's history with emphasis
     on early 19th century town development, railroads, the Civil War
     and the late 19th century growth of south Georgtia.
Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater (1,000 pages, new, revised  
     edition, with maps and photographs). Available online at Amazon.com
     and other online outlets. The new edition is a complete revision and
     expansion of the original book with updated material based on recent
     research. Softcover edition. 

A Low Country Diary: Bessie Mary Lewis and McIntosh County,
     Georgia. (2017). A collection of the best historical articles and
     essays by the late McIntosh County historian and mentor of
     Buddy Sullivan. 265 pages, softbound.
From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek: A History of Bryan County,
     Georgia (458 pages, pub. 2000), available at Richmond Hill Historical
     Society. Winner of the 2001 Lilla M. Hawes Award from the Georgia    
     Historical Society as the outstanding book on Georgia history
     published in 2000.

A Low Country Diary, Bessie Mary Lewis and McIntosh County,
     Georgia. (260 pages, available December 2016). A collection of
     the best historical and ecological writings of the late Bessie Lewis,
     county historian until her death in 1983 at the age of 94. With an
     introductory essay and amplifying notes.
The Darien Journal of John Girardeau Legare, Ricegrower (167 pages,
     2010, University of Georgia Press). Postbellum rice planter's daily
     journal of events and observations provides a unique contemporary
     account of a coastal Georgia town from 1875 to 1930.
High Water on the Bar: An Operational Perspective of a Tidewater
     Timber Port, 1874-1930, with the Memoirs of Thomas Hilton (116
     pages, 2009, Darien Downtown Development Authority). A review
     of Darien's economic development as a lumber export center after
     the Civil War. Includes annotated memoirs of one timber family, the
     Hiltons. Selected minutes of the activities of the Darien Pilot
     Commission relate maritime events in the Darien area, 1872-1920.
"All Under Bank": Roswell King, Jr. and Plantation Management in
     Tidewater Georgia, 1819-1854 (134 pages, 2013, Midway Museum).
     The Introduction relates the antebellum rice plantation economy of
     coastal Georgia. The King journal provides contemporary insights
     of plantation management with the emphasis on Butler's Island in the
     Altamaha River delta, and on King's own operations in Liberty County.

The First Conservationists? Northern Money and Lowcountry Georgia,
     1866-1930 (monograph published in 2016, available at Amazon.com.
     This paper analyses the transition of the coastal islands from their
     pre-war owners to Northern interests with the evolution toward
     protected status by public and private interests in the mid-to-late
     20th century (Ossabaw, Cumberland, Sapelo, Wassaw, St. Catherines,

Old Tabby: The Ashantilly Legacy of Thomas Spalding & William G.
     Haynes (30 pages, 2009).
Sapelo: A History (88 pages, 3 editions since 1989)
Images of America series: Books on Darien and McIntosh County (2000),
     Sapelo Island (2001) and Richmond Hill (2006),
The New Georgia Guide (coastal Georgia tour chapter, 1996, UGA Press).
History of the Darien Presbyterian Church, 1739-1986 (64 pages 1986).
Memories of McIntosh (64 pages, 1990).
The Darien Bank: A Celebration of 100 Years (75 pages, 1989).
The Hurricane of 1898 in Coastal Georgia (1998).
The Lighthouses of Georgia (1999).
"Ecology as History in the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research
     Reserve" (2006, revised 2009)
"Historic Implications Relating to Ballast Hammocks in Coastal Georgia"
     (2008, reprinted in High Water on the Bar)
"200 Years of Historic Architecture on Sapelo Island, Georgia" (2010)
"Sapelo Island Settlement and Land Ownership: An Historical
     Overview, 1865-1970" (available online www.sapelonerr.org)
"The First Conservationists? Northern Money and Lowcountry Georgia,
     1866-1930)," see booklist above. 
Introductions to Books:
They Called Their Town Darien, Bessie Lewis (2000 reissue of 1975
     first edition).
Cemeteries of McIntosh County, Mattie Gladstone, et. al. (2000)
Journal of a Voyage to Australia and New Guinea, William G.
     Haynes, Jr. (2008 reprint of 1942 first edition)
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